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Our Torchmate CNC Cutter, which allows us to cut any design out of wood, metal or plastic.

We made this for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for the
children's center.

Customer brought in a plastic pull for his recliner chair that the pressure from pulling on the cable kept breaking the plastic pull, so we designed it in aluminum and it works great!

This is a part for an SUV car trunk shade corner, which the customer couldn't
find anywhere, even in junk yards. We were able to make the flip side for him.

Custom wooden address sign created by looking at a small piece of jewelry

An antique shop brought us in the first picture and asked if we could duplicate it but duplicate it as the opposite side. This piece of molding is for the bottom of a very old, antique dresser.

We recently made a custom acrylic tray to fit the base of an umbrella stand.

Below are custom inserts for custom-built tables that we built for the Cleveland Zoo. After engraving, we filled with a clear expoxy to level for smooth finish. Scroll down to view the finished product.

Below is a job where we had to design 10 wheels per a customer drawing and then cut out of wood. This customer makes antique cars out of wood, and we made his custom wood wheels for him using our CNC cutter.

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